Job Posting Description, Mild Interventionist
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Shelly Spagna, KVIS Principal
12345 N 550 W
Wheatfield, IN 46392
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Application Open: 07/02/2021, Filing Deadline: (none)
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 Job # Description
172 Mild Interventionalist

Seeking a hardworking and motivated teacher to plan programs of study that meets the individual needs, interests, and abilities of the students.

Candidates will need to: 

  • Create a classroom environment that is conducive to learning and appropriate to the maturity and interests of the students.
  • Encourage students to set and maintain standards of classroom behavior.
  • Guide the learning process toward the achievement of curriculum goals. establish clear objectives for all lessons, and communicate these objectives to students.
  • Employ a variety of instructional techniques and instructional media that meet the needs and capabilities of the individuals or student groups involved.
  • Strive to implement by instruction and action the district’s philosophy of education and instructional goals and objectives.
  • Assess the accomplishments of students on a regular basis and provide progress reports as required. 

Please complete application and send a letter of interest to Shelly Spagna, Principal.

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